Company Statements

Company Statements

The Precise Company Statements hang proudly in our Reception area because they are more than just words to us. These statements drive our business and keep us focused on who we are and what we are trying to achieve.


Collaborating with our customers to understand their needs,
we provide clever solutions to help them achieve their objectives.


  • To generate long term partnerships with our customers, providing outcome focused, innovative solutions of the highest quality.
Team Members
  • To provide our team members an enjoyable, challenging and motivating experience through a flexible environment of learning, support and continual achievement.
  • To grow a strong and viable asset that is built around customer focus and team success.
  • To contribute to the community by participating in various charitable causes and events.

Company Statements


  • We will engage with and understand every customer and their desired outcomes to ensure the best solutions are provided.
  • We will be innovative, proactive and solutions focused, and always act in the most professional manner.
  • We have a “can-do” attitude in every aspect of our business.
  • We will ensure that our customer’s satisfaction is paramount in all that we do with a focus on building long term partnerships.
Team Members
  • We provide an enjoyable and challenging work environment that will motivate our team to want to be involved.
  • We provide an environment of learning and development for team members.
  • We cultivate an environment of team support because we understand we are only as good as our last project and our weakest link.
  • We promote an inclusive environment where team members contribute their ideas.
  • We understand that to ensure the business is successful we must act in the best interests of the group rather than the individual.
  • We are growth/improvement focused, whilst ensuring that the business is viable through sustainable profits.
  • We are customer and team focused, driving our strategy through empowerment and accountability.
  • We will actively identify and contribute to worthwhile causes in our community.


Oasis Engineering

“We used to have racks full of WIP. Now they are office furniture racks used for filing office stationery!” Kevin Flint, General Manager

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