Announcing Epicor Precise Point-of-Sale 9.0.5

Product Marketing is pleased to announce that Epicor Precise POS 9.0.5 is now generally available for Epicor ERP and Epicor Enterprise

What is Epicor Precise Point-of-Sale?

Epicor Precise Point-of-Sale (POS) is a fully-featured solution providing retail transaction processing as well as business process and data management modules that bring full control and visibility to in-store operations. Whether it’s a trade desk at the distribution facility dealing in spare parts or multiple geographical locations in full retail mode, Epicor Precise POS provides the capabilities to bridge the production, distribution and retail aspects of a business.

Why is This Release Important?

Epicor Precise POS 9.0.5 delivers a number of enhancements and additional modules that increase its value to existing customers and expand its markets geographically. Here are highlights for this release:

Reaching the Global Market Place

This release introduces support for multi-currency payments for POS station transactions. This is a new module, sold separately.

Localized User Interface

Language packs for Chinese (Simplified) and Spanish (Mexico) extend Epicor Precise POS to additional markets

User Friendly Configuration of Retail Promotions

The new POS Retail Promotions module allows promotions and promotional campaigns to be flexibly configured across all branches. This is a new module, sold separately.

Convenient Transaction Consolidation

To support the integration of data in POS environments that process high transaction volumes, the new Transaction Consolidation process can be used to consolidate sales transactions prior to integration to Epicor.

Epicor 9 Sales Kit Integration

POS has been enhanced to support integration of Sales Kit information from Epicor 9.

Transaction Legal Number

POS 9.0.5 supports the ability to print a Legal Document Number on invoices, on demand.

Support for the Ocius Sentinel EFTPOS device

POS 9.0.5 adds supports for this EFTPOS device.


Epicor Precise POS 9.0.5 is compatible with Epicor ERP 9.05.602A and Epicor Enterprise 7.3.5 SP1, 7.3.6 SP2 EPR2, and 7.4.

For information how Epicor Precise POS 9.0.5 can work for your organisation, call 9242 5933 and speak to a Point of Sale representative or email


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