Announcing Epicor Precise Point-of-Sale 9.0.6

Product Marketing is pleased to announce that Epicor Precise POS 9.0.6 is now generally available for Epicor ERP and Epicor Enterprise

Epicor Precise

What is Epicor Precise Point-of-Sale?

Epicor Precise Point-of-Sale (POS) is a fully-featured solution providing retail transaction processing as well as business process and data management modules that bring full control and visibility to in-store operations. Whether it’s a trade desk at the distribution facility dealing in spare parts or multiple geographical locations in full retail mode, Epicor Precise POS provides the capabilities to bridge the production, distribution and retail aspects of a business.

Why is This Release Important?

Not only is Epicor Precise POS 9.0.6 compatible with the latest release of Epicor ERP (9.05.607A) and several previous releases, it also delivers several useful enhancements.

Bi-Directional Shipping Integration – This POS release enables users to ship orders from Epicor 9 and have the shipment integrated back into POS 9.0.6.

Extended Epicor 9 User Defined Table Integration – Logic has been added to allow Epicor 9 clients to nominate User Defined tables that will be integrated to POS.

Extended Epicor 9 Customer User Defined Field Integration – This release of POS will support integration of Epicor 9 Customer User Defined Fields.

Extended Epicor 9 Inventory User Defined Field Integration – POS 9.0.6 also supports integration of the Epicor 9 Inventory User Defined Fields.

Integration of Epicor 9 Ship-To Data – This release of POS introduces the ability to add Customer Ship Tos directly into POS and integration of the Ship Tos into Epicor. This feature is only supported for Epicor 9.

Search by Serial Number – POS 9.0.6 now supports the ability to search for an inventory item by Serial Number.

Filtering of Customer / Inventory Items for Integration – Users can now mark Customers or Parts in Epicor 9 for integration into POS through the use of a User Defined Field Checkbox in Epicor 9.

Non-Stock Parts now integrate to POS from Epicor 9 – In POS 9.0.6 Epicor 9 Parts marked as Non-Stock Items can be integrated into POS.

Support for Chase PaymentTech VeriFone vx510 device – POS 9.0.6 has had support for this device added to the existing list.

Deliver By Date now captured from POS (Need By Date) and integrated into
Epicor 9 –
This is now integrated to Epicor 9 and displayed in the Need By date on a Sales Order line.

Customer email now bi-directionally integrated – Email address on Customer details can now be integrated from POS to Epicor and vice versa.

For further information on how Epicor Precise POS can help increase sales and enhance customer experience, please call 9242 5933 or for an information pack.

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