Epicor Product Release Announcement: Epicor Advanced Requisitions Management (ARM) 9.0.2

Epicor Advanced Requisitions Management (ARM) 9.0.2

  • A New Product for Epicor ERP Customers
  • A New Release for Enterprise 7x Customers

What is Epicor ARM?

Epicor Advanced Requistions Management (ARM) provides companies with an automated procurement system that empowers employees while ensuring that contracted buying agreements and spending limits are enforced. Requisitions are routed through automated workflow to keep the process flowing quickly and effortlessly. ARM is developed by Precise Business Solutions in Australia. It has been sold under the previous name eRequisitions (or “eReq”) for several years—integrated to Epicor Enterprise financials and supply chain management—as an alternative to Epicor Procurement.

Why is This Release Important?

First and foremost, this release includes integration to Epicor ERP (Epicor 9.05), which means that, for the first time, we can offer full requisitioning and workflow functionality to those customers. Secondly, the release will be welcomed by current ARM 9.0.1 customers because of the improvements in numerous areas. Thirdly, Enterprise customers who have previously considered and declined Epicor Procurement or ARM 9.0.1 will have reasons to reconsider the new functionality offered in this release.

What’s New?

Integration to Epicor ERP is new. Beyond that, there are enhancements in version 9.0.2 reflect Epicor’s focus on improving customer satisfaction, streamlining the procurement process, and delivering a comprehensive procurement solution.

The elements in this release include:

·Integration Improvements – Enhanced integration with bi-directional purchase order and inventory transfer integration

·Performance Improvements – Streamline the process and save time with fast requisition creation from templates

·Scalability Improvements – Scale your solution to meet your growing business with support for multiple companies

For more information on how ARM 9.0.2 or can work for your organisation, call a Precise representative on +61 (0) 8 9242 5933 or

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