Precise Point Of Sale ( POS )

Precise offers sophisticated solutions for companies looking to exceed customer expectations through delivery of a consistent and easy experience.

Precise Point of Sale is a very comprehensive general hard and soft goods retail, spare parts and counter sales extension of your Epicor ERP platform. It is highly modular, designed to allow you to select the components appropriate for your business today and extend over time if needed.

There are two styles of User Interface, one oriented more towards a hard core, fast sales order entry environment, and the other being more touch screen-friendly, more “typical retail” if you will. Again, you can pick and choose as to which of these is most appropriate to your people and type of trading. Indeed you can even mix and match them depending on what your needs are – such as perhaps having touch screen tills for counter sales and service, and a fast order entry layout in your call center.

Either way, the full power of Precise POS is at your disposal.

  • Retail Promotions – Manage bundled, BOGOF, promotional code, time-based and other pricing models beyond the standard pricing functions of your Epicor ERP system.
  • Loyalty and Payment Programs – Define loyalty point earning and redemption calculations and methods, support gift cards with monitored balances, and gift voucher sales and processing.
  • POS Layby (Layaway) – Provide your customers with an ability to lay down a deposit on their purchase and then make regular payments, only being able to collect the goods after the last instalment is completed.
  • Multi-Currency Processing – Accept payments in multiple currencies at the retail counter using exchange calculations rates as defined and maintained in Epicor, as well as support for both enterprise-wide and local store pricing in currencies other than the ‘base’.
  • Inventory Management Suite – Extend POS to support Inventory stock count functions, entering adjustments, working with Inventory Transfer requests/shipments/receipts and receiving Purchase Orders at the store.
  • Mobile Productivity Suite – Enable the use of POS Inventory Management Suite operations via a browser-based, barcode-enabled mobile device.
  • POS Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – Interface Precise POS to credit/debit card pinpad terminals (note: may require some professional services to enable connectivity to devices and payment processors).
  • POS Retail Pharmacy – Extensive functionality for managing the data and business process integration relating to third party prescription management solutions in both standard customer-facing retail and bulk transactions such as a hospital account or Webster Pack.

See your Customer Account Manager or contact us for detailed descriptions of these modules.

Broad Point of Sale Processes Supported
  • Precise POS offers comprehensive point-of-sale functionality including: Product and Customer Management, Cash and Account Sales, Split Tenders, Returns, Exchanges, Lay-By (Layaway), Quotes, Orders, Account Payments, Cash Out and Paid Outs, End of Shift/Day reconciliations and banking, and Inventory management transactions.
Interoperability with Your Financials
  • All products, customers, pricing and other POS operation-related data configured in Epicor is available in-store
  • Serial number and lot/batch tracking
  • Complete transaction audit trail from point-of-sale through to General Ledger
  • Advanced data signing techniques ensure complete data integrity between store and central office
Know Your Customers
  • Create and manage customer accounts at POS, optionally extending to in-house run or outsourced Loyalty Programs
  • On-account sales with AR credit checking against the customer’s account balance from Epicor and security-controlled visibility to account details
  • Enforce specific business rules by Customer Type
  • Automatically apply trade discounts and pricelists for specific customers for a seamless, consistent experience whichever channel they choose to interact with you through
Simple, Clean User Interface
  • Choice of UI’s: completely ‘touch-screen’ friendly option or intuitive keyboard/mouse or keyboard only driven interface, for fast data entry
  • Define the system ‘feel’ and access to different functions using highly configurable station layout templates
  • Apply your organisation’s corporate look with user interface skinning
Quick and Easy Product Selection
  • Scan, type or search for product codes,
  • Powerful searching using simple criteria, inventory fast keys and intuitive push-button-drilldown methods
  • Context sensitive search-in-search and cross-searching
  • Enquire on and sell products across your various retail locations
  • Support for multiple barcodes (e.g. supplier barcode, EAN, UPC etc.) per item and direct-scanning of serial/batch ID’s multiple codes for a single product
  • Suggested cross-sell and up-sell items/services
Ensure the Integrity of Your Product Pricing
  • All list, promotional and special pricing defined in Epicor is available at point-of-sale
  • Full support for multi-tiered inclusive, exclusive and exempt tax codes
  • Audited line level manual price and manual discounting with authorisation limits
  • Optional “Retail Promotions” module to further augment standard Epicor functionality
Flexible, Convenient Tendering Options
  • Configurable hot-keys for payment method selection
  • Multiple, split tendering options
  • Electronic integration to supported EFTPOS terminals and payment processors
  • Full support for Store Credits, Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards
Printing Forms and Reports
  • Local station (till) and network-based printing
  • Print server rules engine determines what should print, when and where based
  • Crystal reports allow full access to modify standard forms and reports or create your own
  • Reprint feature allows all or selected associated documents to be reprinted
Shift Management
  • Convenient shift-based auditing and secured shift open/close
  • Shift and till totals (“X and Y reads”) printed direct from POS Station
  • Cash drawer Reconciliation wizard with adjustments back into Epicor
  • Generation of Cash Management transactions simplifies Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash drops and denomination tracking
Centralised Management and Configuration
  • Extensive support for User Defined Fields, including mapping of UDF’s from Epicor
  • Centrally configure and manage POS across the entire enterprise, as well as automation around software patch and update delivery to your stores
  • Conveniently connect directly into store systems from a single application on your desktop
  • System wide visibility of log files with automatic email notification options
  • Enter and control stock counts at store level, directly or via handheld devices
Granular Security and Authorisations
  • User and Group based security model, with granular functional permissions
  • Define authorisations and overrides for virtually all transaction types and exceptions such as Price Changes, Discounts Given, Credit Limits, Gross Profit, Minimum Price, Returns and Store Credits
  • Grant or revoke user access to store locations from a single, central point
Scalable Deployment Options
  • Deploy across multiple locations quickly and easily
  • Designed to scale from single station to large format, multi-station stores
  • Offline capability removes reliance on head-office connection, ensuring high availability in-store
  • Support for remote users is ideal for trade shows, conferences or a traveling sales force
Outperform Your Competition

Integrate Precise POS to your Epicor system and streamline your point of sale processes. Put Precise POS to work for your company today to start delivering a better experience for your customers and better managing your Retail/Counter Sales and Fast Order Entry operations.


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