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ERP software can help boost organisational efficiency and productivity company-wide, making it an essential part of many companies’ technology set-up.

However, an on-premise solution may not be the optimal choice for some businesses, whether it’s because of large upfront costs or the lack of a dedicated IT team able to support such the system.

This is where cloud computing can provide the best of both worlds, giving organisations a sophisticated ERP system in a flexible online environment.

Cloud technologies have become increasing popular, with businesses keen to take advantage of additional mobility, agility and pricing options.

Key benefits of cloud ERP include:

  • Enhanced business processes
  • Efficient IT
  • Easy implementation
  • Scalability
  • Any time, anywhere access
  • Managed IT services and maintenance
  • Flexible monthly subscriptions

Why Adopt a Cloud-based System?

Businesses that opt for cloud-based ERP systems can make significant savings and performance improvements across a number of areas.

Here are just some of the features that could make cloud computing the ideal solution for your company:

  • Online access:

    No additional servers are required to run the system, which reduces hardware costs. Furthermore, any desktop or mobile device with an internet connection can access cloud ERP for maximum workforce flexibility.

  • Optimise IT resources:

    With minimal hardware and software maintenance requirements, there is limited need for ongoing technical support for ERP from internal IT teams. This frees up key staff to tackle other projects.

  • Quick implementation timescale:

    Downtime is costly for businesses, which can be a concern with an on-premise solution. However, cloud ERP implementations are often up and running extremely quickly.

  • Automatic updates:

    Most cloud systems are updated online, preventing the disruption of an onsite visit. This means cloud ERP is more likely to be up to date and flexible to changing market conditions.

Our Cloud Products

Our cloud-based offerings cover all of your requirements, from ERP to Budgeting to Payroll/HR. Adopt all or mix and match with your on-premise ERP system.


If you would like to learn more about Precise Business Solutions’ extensive cloud-based platforms, please contact us today.


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