Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Customers expect more from brands than ever before, with today’s rapidly evolving consumer landscape meaning people have access to goods and services in an increasingly diverse number of ways.

To remain competitive, businesses must offer a streamlined, personalised service that not only retains existing customers but also helps the company to secure new ones.

In order to do this, organisations require sophisticated internal systems that manage the customer relationship management (CRM) process from end to end.

Precise Business Solutions offers tailored CRM software that helps companies do all this and more, utilising high-end ERP systems from Epicor and NetSuite to deliver optimal results across a range of customer variables.

Not only do our solutions maximise visibility and automate multiple sales force functions, they enhance customer service processes by reducing case resolution times.

Investing in Precise Business Solutions’ CRM systems is an important step in bringing your customers a new level of service that will ensure they keep coming back year after year.

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Epicor produces only the best in ERP software – and the company’s CRM solutions are no exception. Designed specifically to help businesses edge ahead of rivals, Epicor CRM offers a 360-degree view of the customer.

However, it doesn’t just stop there. The system is also built to optimise relationships with suppliers and partners to provide a streamlined service across the entire customer lifecycle.

Businesses can use Epicor CRM to leverage the crucial data within their organisation, gaining insight into customer trends and helping guide marketing strategies.

Employees can access the system from any mobile device while on the move, giving them the flexibility they need to enhance customer service wherever it is needed.

The key benefits of Epicor CRM allow companies to:

  • Optimise responsiveness to improve customer retention
  • Attract new customers while retaining existing ones
  • Automate marketing and messaging processes
  • Collaborate more effectively across the business
  • Support active and mobile sales staff
  • Support active and mobile sales staff

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NetSuite provides a comprehensive CRM solution that enables businesses to gain a customer-centric view of their operations and significantly boost productivity.

The NetSuite CRM+ system is a step beyond more traditional CRM offerings, which typically focus on new prospects. The software is designed to handle all initial and ongoing customer contact, whether it’s on the phone, through the web or in person.

In fact, CRM+ is the only cloud solution that combines project tracking, incentive management, order management and partner management into one integrated package.

Furthermore, NetSuite’s website hosting and analytics services give organisations of all sizes full visibility over both online and traditional customer channels.

Here are some of the core features businesses can benefit from when investing in NetSuite CRM+:

Sales force automation (SFA):

The platform provides sophisticated tools to enhance the sales process, including opportunity management, upsell management, commission management and forecasting.


Access your CRM software through a variety of devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, allowing employees to obtain the information they need while on the move.

Customer service management:

Improve customer service levels with case and escalation functions, as well as consumer self-service options and knowledge base management.

Marketing automation:

Always reach the right customers with the right offers at the right time through a range of marketing automation and analysis features.

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