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Australia’s natural resources industry has been a crucial driver of the country’s strong economic performance in recent years. However, with the mining boom subsiding, companies must find increasingly innovative ways to maximise productivity and reduce costs.

As oil, gas and mining businesses begin to make changes to their operations in order to save money and boost efficiency, companies providing essential services to these sectors are required to do the same.

Manufacturers, services and maintenance providers, consultants and EPC (engineering, production and construction) firms are just a few examples of organisations that must now streamline their processes.

This is why many oil, gas and mining services companies can benefit from ERP solutions to adapt to change, exceed customer expectations and maintain a competitive edge over rivals.

Software provided by Precise Business Solutions can cover several key processes for these organisations, including financial management, project management, field service management and customer relationship management.

Key benefits of oil, gas and mining services software include:

  • Better control over contractual obligations, outstanding warranties and service-level agreements.
  • Optimised management capabilities across simple and complex, multi-phased projects, including efficient costing.
  • Sophisticated asset management processes.
  • Comprehensive features for multiple manufacturing set-ups, such as make-to-order, engineer-to-order and mixed-mode systems.
  • Simplified quoting and estimations.

Precise Business Solutions offers tailored on-premise and cloud implementations, ensuring companies in energy-related industries can choose the ideal software for their specific purposes.

With a range of mobility options, these solutions are accessible from anywhere, at any time and across a range of devices. A modular design allows for maximum flexibility and scalability to enable the software to grow as a company expands.

Contact Precise Business Solutions consultant today to discuss your oil, gas and mining services requirements and find bespoke software for your organisation.

As investment in new resource projects around the world slows in response to the prices of oil and mining commodities at a cyclical low, the competition for new services contracts is more intense than ever. If your business is a provider of services to oil, gas and mining companies then you know that right now – perhaps more than ever – managing margin and executing quality is of paramount importance. You simply have to make sure every dollar you can claim for your work is set to the customer, that every piece of work is done at the right time and that the level of effort going into that delivery is being properly monitored.

Connecting the relationships you have with your customers and sub-contractors to the management and execution of your contracts is fundamental to your business. Do all of that well and you will make money; fail – even a little – in these areas and you’re soon going to be toast. The competition is just too fierce.

Most contracting and services firms have a myriad of systems and an unacknowledged dependence on specific individuals that “know what’s going on”. Oftentimes its spreadsheets and files all over the place, inconsistent processes, inaccurate client invoicing and lots and lots of manual work compiling claims, managing sub-contract financial relationships and reporting on contract status.

The larger the contract the more moving parts, the greater the management overhead and the more effort that goes into keeping all the plates spinning atop the sticks.

But things change really quickly in a project. Things can get missed, forgotten or done late. Not catching until time has passed – perhaps til it’s too late to do anything meaningful about them – such situations is expensive at best, potentially fatal to getting through the contract with some skin left it at all.

What you need is a management information system that helps drive standard process flows through the organisation, track your contracts and activities, puts automation around the claims procedures for both your contracts with clients and those you have with sub-contractors. You need world class core financial management and procurement capabilities for the company, real-time management and operational visibility, and best-in-class analytics.
You need the Epicor Contracts and Services Suite (“CnS”).



Epicor CnS is a complete end-end solution for companies servicing the resources sector. Leveraging truly the visionary, 100% .Net service oriented architecture now in its 3rd complete generation Epicor Contracts and Services Suite extends the core Epicor ERP solution with functionality designed specifically to support your business.

As Epicor’s 2013 and 2014 Global Partner of the Year, Precise is – quite literally – the best, most highly regarded system integration expert in the Epicor family. We have real, hard-won domain knowledge in these areas backed by a deep technical resource bench and dedicated local Support team.

With Precise you are in good hands. Contact us to learn more about how we can start you deliver even greater results with Precise and Epicor ERP.

Equity markets and key investors are a tough nut to crack. You need to be able to define, manage and execute on your plans – and show how efficiently you can do that. You have to have access to information at your fingertips, to get to the source information and be able to act immediately to counter looming challenges or take advantage of new opportunities.

To this what you really need is world class finance and operational management systems built for today’s rapidly changing, global economy. Your systems have to be able to grow with you as the business evolves, adapting processes, analytical and planning views along with it. To be able to instantly add new companies, to spin up a new system for a venture, operation or corporate structure wherever that may happen to be.

But there are a lot of things you don’t have. You don’t have endless IT infrastructure just sitting around waiting. You don’t have IT people keeping it all running and secure. You don’t have System Accountants and Business Analysts filling up your office.

And as much as anything, you don’t have the money to invest in all of this in one hit.

Enter NetSuite, one of the fastest growing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions in the world: 100% based in the Cloud, 100% provided as a true Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It is a fully-integrated, whole of business system across:

  • Financial Management, including multi-company processing and consolidations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Projects, Operations and Asset Management
  • CRM
  • Business Process Management
  • Reporting and Analysis.



Our NetSuite Cloud offering is further extended using purpose-built solutions for best-of-breed Planning, Forecasting and Advanced Analytics, Payroll and HR Management.
No hardware costs. No upgrade costs. No IT overhead. Available anywhere you have an internet connection and on your choice of device. Agile. Start small and grow your system as you need to and available OpEx allows – add more users, functional capabilities, companies, countries with ease.

It’s your call.

And standing right beside you whenever you need us is Precise, one of WA’s largest and longest-serving home-grown ERP service providers. Our team can very quickly have you up and running on your initial platform, and provide further advice and assistance. Our agile but highly accountable Implementation and on-going Support services professionals are highly experienced and very, very good at making our solutions sing.


Contact us today to learn more about Precise and NetSuite can help you take your resources business where you want to go.


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