5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Excel

5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Excel For Planning & Reporting

If your organisation is over-reliant on spreadsheets, how do you know it’s time to make a change?

We’ll show you 5 easy signs to know you’ve outgrown spreadsheets. You’ll also hear how leading Finance organisations made the leap from spreadsheets to accelerate their planning and reporting cycles and drive better decision-making.

5 Signs You've Outgrown Excel For Planning & Reporting


  • Look for the 5 tell-tale signs that you’ve outgrown spreadsheets
  • Learn how other finance organisations have managed the transformation from spreadsheets to cloud based tools
  • Understand how you can increase accuracy and still cut your planning and reporting cycle times significantly

Presenters: Ian Anderson (Regional Account Manager) & Andrew Ho (Snr Solutions Specialist)

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