Breakfast Event – “Quote to Win!”

Is your company suffering from an inefficient estimating and quoting process?
Is Excel your primary quoting tool?
Does it take too long to turnaround an RFQ?
Do you find it hard, or close to impossible, to re-use previous quotes?
Is it too hard to quickly reference similar jobs to see what they have cost you previously?
Does your company invest too much effort in the quoting process?

If you can’t quote quickly and accurately, you’re playing with one arm tied behind your back.
In today’s incredibly competitive environment, you snooze you lose. If you quote too high and can’t show real value you lose. If you unknowingly quote too low you risk going broke.
We will show you how an integrated business application with incredibly agile quoting tightly
bound to your actual manufacturing, fabrication and job costs can help you with these challenges.

It will save you manpower and give you access to real-time information helping you build
more accurate quotes. In other words, you will “Quote to Win”!

The event will start early and last for around 90 min not to interfere with your day.

* Free Parking available at the front door.

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