Concur Spend Management Breakfast Seminar

Spend management systems can be a frustration at all levels in an organisation.

For the finance team, it’s managing the peaks each month when expense claims are submitted, following up on late invoice approvals and managing the expectations of senior management anxious for up-todate figures on costs and company spend.

For senior management, the key frustration is the lack of visibility into current spending and the delay in being able to react to excessive or non-compliant spend.

Concur Spend Management Breakfast Seminar Concur-10-march-2016-Web-Event

Join us for a complimentary breakfast briefing and find out how to:

  • Save time and frustration for your staff at all stages in the approval process.
  • Create a more even workload for the finance team, without huge end of month peaks.
  • Bring reliable and realistic figures for your end of month processing and forecasting.
  • Provide senior management with greater visibility on company spend, as it happens.
  • Ensure greater compliance with company policies.

Register Now
Your colleagues are welcome to attend, please extend this invitation to them if they are interested.


8:15am – registration
8:30am – hot breakfast served
8:45am – briefing commences
9:45am – Q&A
10:00am – close


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