Ongoing Support Services

Precise offers support to take care of you after you have gone live with your new system. We do not believe in standard scripted responses. When you have a question, we listen, and we tailor our responses to your specific issues. Our support team has direct access to our implementation team allowing us to tap into that extra level of knowledge when needed.

At Precise we go the extra mile for our customers. We’ve developed personal relationships with our customers and we make it our business to help them succeed.

Ongoing Support is managed through our Customer Centre Portal, where customers can submit and manage support requests.  Access our Customer Centre now to start managing your support requests.



“NetSuite PSA enables us to have up-to-date information and visibility globally, which is making a very big difference to our business. We can now report with a level of accuracy and confidence that we didn’t have before, and signif…

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28 February, 2019
Precise Business Solutions Appoints Epicor Veteran As Principal Consultant

Precise Business Solutions (Precise) has hired Epicor software and manufacturing industry specialist…

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