Spartan Take Advantage of POS Web Services to Deliver Self-Service Centres for their Students

Spartan Shops in San Jose State University, are using Epicor Precise POS web services to enable them to provide a self service kiosk on campus. The kiosk, known as a ‘Card Value Centre’ is used by their students to purchase Gold Points. “Gold points are a convenient and safe option for students when purchasing goods or services on campus,” Jasmin Bristow, Product Consultant, Precise Business Solutions.

The Card Value Centre has a small PC inside which runs a custom application that allows students to top up their Gold Points balance. The student swipes their student ID, which identifies their ‘customer’ record. They then enter how many Gold Points they want to buy and pay the requisite amount by cash. Once completed the kiosk uses POS Web Services to create a transaction for the sale of the Gold Points along with the payment taken.

The transaction is processed through to Epicor like any other cash sales transaction.  The POS Loyalty & Payments Program module picks up the purchase of the Gold Points and updates the student’s balance accordingly.

Gold points are used at the Student Union Food Court, Dining Commons, Village Market, four specialty food locations as well as public copiers and printers. Spartan Shops have also recently implemented Precise POS at the San Jose State Event Center.

This is a wonderful example of how Epicor Precise POS technology architecture has enabled Spartan to extend their use of POS to offer their customers a convenient, self-service option. “With plans to soon launch eCommerce integration, we are very proud to have Spartan as customers,” said Jasmin.

Epicor Precise POS is available for both Epicor Enterprise and Epicor 9 solutions. To find out how Epicor Precise POS can provide your customers with an enhanced shopping experience, contact Precise on 9242 5933 or .

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