Oasis Engineering

We used to have racks full of WIP. Now they are office furniture racks used for filing office stationery!
Kevin Flint,
General Manager

CORT digital-business-transformation-accountable

CORT Business Services

Adaptive Planning was the only solution that made sense. It offers a huge leap forward in terms of functionality, without turning everyone’s world upside down. A great selling point of Adaptive Planning was that no internal IT resources were required to get the budgeting project done. Our IT resources are better spent on other company objectives.
Deborah Lansford

Collab Net for Business Process Automation

CollabNet Software

With Adaptive Planning, we’ve increased the efficiency of our planning process by 25 to 40 percent
Tom Clark

Thiess Digital Transformation Strategy


Adaptive Discovery’s ability to conduct millions of calculations, obtain trends, and then display the information as key performance indicators that are contextual and timely, is a powerful advantage.
Ben Willey
Manager of Mining and Technology Innovation

AGF Digital Transformation Strategy


The high level of data integrity within Adaptive allows us to confidently run scenarios and make more strategic, course-altering decisions much quicker.
Jenny Quinn
VP of Finance and Controller

Mercy Care Case Study for MRP-software


Precise is a long-term, strategic partner for our organisation supporting and maintaining the core management systems with skill and the responsiveness we need.
Bret Campbell


Steel Blue

The skills and very responsive assistance from the team at Precise help us manage and evolve a highly flexible business system that is supporting our drive for continuous improvement in all facets of our business.
Daniella Halikis
IT Operations Manager


Concordia Publishing House

All of our people now have ready access to the data they need to help customers. They are able to answer most questions immediately, now that they have access to real-time data concerning stock availability and order status.
Steve Harris
Executive Director IT


West Australian Newspapers

After 25 years of a custom-built system, we didn’t just need the right ERP platform to replace it – we needed the right partner to help us implement and build on it. We found that partner in Precise.
Robert Ingley
Group Management Accountant