This year we may be turning 20, but our website is brand new

20 years!  It sounds like such a long time, but it seems to have absolutely flown by.  In 1995 my wife Kim and I – as kids, really – took over a small software company that sold and supported a DOS-based accounting system.  There were only five people in total then, that made up the company, including us!  We weren’t even married at that point (although we were a few months later), and didn’t yet have a mortgage let alone any particular vision of where we thought we might like to take our fledgling company.  But we had excellent teachers and mentors, and skills and approach that were, and still are today, very complimentary, so by hook and by crook, through twists and turns, ups and downs Precise have grown into an agile, customer-centric technology company with customers in around 17 countries.

Not too bad, really.

The years passing have brought with them tremendous change personally, professionally and, of course, in the context of the technology we work with and help our customers use.  We have two small children that our lives are increasingly wrapping around, and a large, growing and incredibly capable “family” at Precise.  There are over 50 of us now in Australia, plus our software development-focused team in Vietnam, continually evolving our ability to meet our purpose as a company:

“Collaborating with our customers to understand their needs, we provide clever solutions to help them achieve their objectives.”

Coinciding with this our 20th year we enter a new phase of change ourselves.  We continue to look here in Western Australia, across Australia and around the globe for opportunities, and to extend our reach.  A key part of that is the release of our new website, packed with content on who we are and how we go about what we do, the solutions we build and offer, and topical industry information, stories and case studies.  We invite you to visit us there and reach out if you think we can help you and your business deliver on its strategy and meet its objectives.

Many thanks,

Mark Batina
Managing Director, Precise Business Solutions


Celebrating 20 years


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